Thursday, March 12, 2015


Lacey Shimai and Jack Shimai

Travel Plans!

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Konnichiwa Kazoku!

Well, this is it! Today is my last P-day at the MTC. I have so many mixed emotions. I feel like I'm back at home about to leave for my mission. My district and zone have pretty much become my family and I'm sad to leave everyone but I'm excited for whats ahead.  The MTC has helped me so much. I grow every single day and I am growing so close to my Savior. 

On Thursday I had an amazing Spiritual experience.  I was feeling a little troubled that day and I just needed some help from the Lord. When we were at the temple, I was sitting in the Celestial room and I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to please comfort me and help me feel peaceful and like I'm being a successful missionary. Well, after I waited for a moment I opened up The Book of Mormon and the first verse I read was in Alma 31:32 and this is what it says, "O Lord, wilt thou comfort my soul, and give unto me success, and also my fellow laborers who are with me- yea,... even all these wilt thou comfort, O Lord. Yea, wilt thou comfort their souls in Christ." My eyes were filled with so many tears!  I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father answered my prayer so quickly. I know He knew I needed that right then and there. 

Okay, so I got my flight plans! On our paper it says we leave straight from Salt Lake to Tokyo..! Woah! I'm kinda freaking out. It's gonna be interesting flying over the Pacific ocean, especially because I've never been on a flight over 3 or 4 hours! I love my Branch Presidency. On Sunday I had a really good talk with Butler Kaicho (president) and he said he was so proud of me and that the language is improving a lot. I also talked with Sister Shultess a lot on the way to the temple and then at the temple and all the way back I was talking to Sister Kazairian. We had such great conversations and she really reminds me of Julie Reichmann. And then, during Sacrament meeting, I sat next to Sister Butler and had fun talking with her. Lets just say I miss mom and all my young women leaders I used to talk to all the time! They are all amazing. 

So, guess who spoke on Tuesday..?? Elder Quentin L. Cook!! It was so awesome!  We started off the MTC experience with an apostle and ended it with another one. And apparently Elder Nelson is going to be in Japan next week, YAY! Elder Cook talked about the missionaries call and how they are assigned. He shared the quote from President Hinckley which states, "If you have more faith you will have more success." I needed to hear that. Faith is so important and you cant accomplish anything else with out it. He also said that if we exercise our faith we will be more willing to follow the promptings of the spirit. I also liked that he said missionaries are not the marketing arm of the church, they are the builders. We are not selling a product, we are here to help build the Kingdom of heaven. 

I have learned so much here at the MTC. There have been frustrating times but also amazing experiences. Jack Shimai was telling us the other day that we need to remember that the Lord has a plan for us and even if something doesn't go our way, it'll turn out good in the end. Olson Kyoudai has some good quotes. He said, "God does not call us on a mission and say, 'good luck!' He is with us every step of the way." He also said how we need to focus on the race that is ahead of us and not have regrets. One last thought, President Butler sent me this quote from President Eyring. It says. "There will be times when you will feel overwhelmed. One of the ways you will be attacked is with the feeling that you are inadequate. Well, you are inadequate to answer a call to represent God with only your own powers. But you have access to more than your natural capacities, and you do not work alone." John 8:29 says, "...He that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those that please Him." I love you all so much! I cant wait to talk to you all! Take care! Aishiteimasu! 

Love Lacey Shimai

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