Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Lacey Shimai and Sticht Shimai

Worn out after a long day

Out to eat for a Chinese party in Japan

P-Day bowling (Brooke got 2 strikes in a row!)

Zone P-Day activity... At Costco 

Happy Easter!

Konnichiwa Kazoku! I hope you're having a good Easter and enjoying conference. I have only been able to watch the Saturday sessions and we will watch the Sunday sessions this coming Saturday. It was kind of a sad holiday because Japanese people don't celebrate Easter, but it was nice to listen to General Conference. I loved it so much. I think one of my favorites was Elder Renlund.  It was way cool because right before it started Inoue Shimai invited us over for dinner! YAY! It's normally rare for Nihonjin (Japanese people) to invite you over. Sticht Shimai is really shocked that we've already had 4 meals at members houses. 

This week has been great and I've learned a lot. The beginning of the week I was dying. I felt so bad about everything and I thought I was such a failure. I was feeling kinda lonely too and then I finally had a sincere prayer and I stopped thinking about myself and realized I just needed to try not to let things bother me. Once I did that, I honestly felt like I can 

understand way more than I used to. I feel like I am getting more comfortable with the language too. I'm already starting to develop weird habits.. I don't really like eating with silverware anymore, chopsticks are awesome :-).  Also, I don't think I can pronounce x's anymore. It's not in Japanese vocabulary so I'm having a hard time whenever I read things with it! Also, when you're talking with people they like to have responses constantly, so if you're talking, the other person is constantly saying "Mmm" or "eehhhh??" and "ooo" and a lot of nodding. It's pretty funny, but I feel like I'm starting to develop that habit! 

So for conference, the whole stake came to our building because we have the stake center so there was a lot of people. The chapel broadcast was in Japanese and then most of the missionaries were upstairs watching it in english with all of the foreign investigators and members. It was a lot of fun and we only had a half hour break between sessions, but it was awesome! It was nice just to relax and be spiritually fed. I can't wait to watch Sunday's sessions! We have a good amount of people that we are teaching but for some reason none of them seem to be progressing. The hard thing is is that I can tell they understand it and like the gospel, but they don't seem to want to change their lives. One of our investigators said she doesn't see herself getting baptized for 10 more years.... She wants to know everything before she makes the commitment. I hope we will be able to help them see the importance of the gospel and how it will bless their lives. It also doesn't really help because one of our investigators and another (sort of) investigator seem to only be interested because they're in love with Maki Choro haha. 

So the week before I got to Japan, Elder Nelson and Sister Nelson spoke in my area and Sister Nelson challenged everyone to do a 30 Day Book of Mormon Challenge. What you do is say a prayer of thanks for the Morumon Sho, ask to have the spirit to be with you, have a question in mind and then open the Morumon Sho anywhere and read until you find your answer. I've started it and the first time was awesome! It doesn't take very long and who would have thought that my answer would be found in the Isaiah chapters!

Well, I love you all so much! Thank you for everything! I pray for you all everyday.  Let me know how the Book of Mormon reading is going! I know this gospel is so true and that we can find answers to anything in the Book of Mormon if we ask and search. Have a great week, aishiteimasu!

Love Lacey Shimai

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