Monday, April 27, 2015

Transfer Calls!

Hawaiian Avocado Burger!

Japanese Shrine 
Tokyo Temple - 3/25/15 


Transfer calls!.......... Sister Sticht and I are staying in Urawa!!! We are so excited! Last transfer was tough with quite a few people dropping us, but now we know who we need to focus on!  Thanks for all your emails! I'm glad you're all doing great! I can't believe I made it through my first transfer! Saturday was my mark of 100 days from the start of my mission! Ah! Crazy! This week has been good! I had steak!! We went out to dinner with a member of the bishopric and his nonmember wife and we went to a steakhouse! It was heaven. And Brother Jitsukawa reminds me exactly of Matt Reichmann. He's so cool! Even if I can't understand him...hah!

We had a crazy couple of days. We went on exchanges with the Koshigaya sisters. I was went there and was with Sister Kawabata. She is the most adorable human being ever. She has so much cuteness but she is way deeper than that. She is an amazing missionary and she finally broke me. It finally happened, she made me cry! She was just telling me how much she respected me for going out on a mission right after high school and she was making me seem way better than I am and encouraging me and making me feel really powerful and important. I was fighting back tears but then she started crying and then I did so we just cried together. I am so grateful for her and for that experience. I really needed to hear everything she said. I know that if she has that much faith in me and what I can become, I need to think of how my Heavenly Father and Savior think of me and what I can become. I love her so much! It was also her birthday so I drew her a picture and she loved it. Ah, adorable. 

We also found out that we needed to have temporary emergency transfers. We're in a 3 sister companionship right now with another sister. She's going to be staying with us until transfer day. So, on Saturday, we went to the mission home, picked her up, came back to Urawa for a few hours then traveled to Hiroo were the temple is for Chinese night. Trains make me tired. They're so crowded and just tiring and there's so many transfers we needed to take. Ugh, exhausting. It was a long day but a very fun day. Then on Sunday, President and Sister Budge spoke at stake conference and it was really good. I've seen them so much lately and I love them! I'm also excited to see how the new mission president will be.  

Liu Fang is doing really well! After FHE on Tuesday I was talking with her and before she left I asked her to say a prayer with me. She was really nervous and hesitant to do it but she finally did. In her prayer she asked if she could get a day off at work because she has been working a lot lately and is really tired. A few days later I called her to see how she was doing and she said "Lacey! It worked! My boss called me the other night and said I could take the next day off! I was so surprised it worked!" I told her that that was awesome and that yes it's true, God answers our prayers and I encouraged her to say a prayer of thanks and she said she would. We had Chinese night on Saturday and out of all the Chinese people we have been teaching, only Fang was able to come. I was so happy she came! She had a great time and the theme was centered around families. She thought the temple was very beautiful and she loved the idea of eternal marriage and said it was very romantic haha. She also liked how we talked of the importance of families and I told her how this gospel is centered around families. Bing Han (Steve) spoke at it and told his story a little bit and I think she enjoyed it.  We also went to visit a 13 year old investigator Marichan and gave her a Book of Mormon reading card and made it all cute and it's the happiest I've ever seen her!  She's so shy but she was glowing last night. When we gave it to her we asked what she thought and she said, "mm, ii kanji" which is like 'good feeling.' She so cute!

Well, that's about it for the week! It's starting to get warm! I think Japan skips spring... Let the summer rain and humidity begin! I'm so excited for what next transfer has in store and I'm ready for the challenges. I know they will be hard but I know I need to work harder and rely more on the Lord. Sister Sticht and I also realized we need to have more faith in our investigators and focus more on the ones who are actually progressing. This Christ's true gospel and the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that God hears and answers our prayers and all we need to do is ask. I also found a cool thing in the Doctrine and Covenants. It kept repeating "endure with faith to the end." I found that really interesting and important. We always hear 'endure to the end', but if we just go through the motions it won't really mean anything. We need to have faith as we endure. I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week! 愛しています! 

Sister Lacey

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