Monday, July 20, 2015


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Favorite (and only) English student


Cloud that 'saved their lives'

Hello everyone! 

Thanks for all your emails! I can't believe your summer is almost over! So I am now on my fourth transfer.... So..... I'm staying in Okegawa with Sister Teruya! Sister Parker is getting cast out to the faraway land of Niigata with her same companion from the MTC. Crazy! I'm happy I'm staying in Okegawa. I have really started to bond with the ward and our investigators. 

This week I went to my first Japanese Masturi! (Festival) It was a lot of fun and there were so many people. We went after eikaiwa and Tomoko and Michiko came with us. We all had a great time and I ate squid.. It wasn't terrible but the texture was gross. I only had one bite lol. 

This week we had zone meeting and it was so spiritual! The zone leaders and other missionaries who gave training did and amazing job and it was exactly what I needed. At the end the zone leaders had us close our eyes and remember how we felt and remember how strong our faith was when we first received our call to Japan. It brought back a lot of special memories and I realized I need to make sure I have that same excitement everyday and the same strong faith I had when I answered my call to serve in Japan. I am here now and it is going by fast so I need to make sure I try my best while I labor in this part of the Lords vineyard. 

On the way home from zone meeting I witnessed a huge miracle. It was probably the most spiritual and confirming experience I have had so far that I am here as a witness of God's love. I sat down to this one lady on the train. I started talking to her and getting to know her and she is so nice! I started sharing who I was and I asked her if she believed in God. She said she did and said how her husband just past away a year ago. I told her a little about eternal life and the plan of salvation. I gave her a chirashi and asked her to pick a question on there. She picked one about, "will I see loved ones who have passed away again?" I showed her the Book of Mormon. Just the day before I had marked it with all the answers to the questions from the chirashi. I told her she could have it and she was so grateful and excited. I got her number and I referred her to the kawagoe sisters. I was so blessed to be able to be apart of that miracle. I never feel more happy than when I am helping people come unto Christ. It's really a testimony builder with how much people trust the missionaries. That lady I met told me so much about her life and that same day another potential investigator was messaging me on facebook and told me some trials she has been going through and said she thinks God has a plan for her meeting the missionaries. 

I love this work! It is definitely hard and challenging at times but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I know I need to try harder and show more faith and follow the spirit more but I know as long as I try my best everything will be okay. Thank you so much for all your love and support! I love you all so much!

Sister Lacey

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