Monday, July 27, 2015


She found her next car!

After a long day, they came home to their
apartment - 95 degrees at 9:00pm

This is them melting in the heat of their apartment


I'm so in shock still that JASON IS COMING TO JAPAN!! What?! I am beyond excited! By the way it's pronounced Fu-Ku-O-Ka. YAY!!!

So this week. This week has been busy busy but it's been great! I love being busy. I'm so glad that I am staying in Okegawa. Sister Teruya and I are determined to work hard for a miracle. We want to focus on exact obedience and following the spirit. 

We met with Namatame San earlier this week and she has been very excited to come to church. Sadly she got sick this morning. Sister Teruya and I decided to go visit her before church to see if she was okay and try and see if she could still come. She didn't answer but her husband did and he said she was sleeping. That was the first time we met her husband and he seems like a really nice guy. We gave him some treats to give to her and hopefully she can come next week. 

A cool miracle happened! About a week ago I was going through area book and wrote down a name to contact her because she seemed really interested. I hadn't had time to do it but at eikaiwa Kayoko came! She met with the sisters a year ago and hasn't been back since. I'm not sure what happened but she's back now. I'm not sure how much interest she has but we are starting to get to know each other and maybe I can find her interest once again. 

On the way home from a less actives house we decided to do some finding. Sister Teruya decided to turn around and house somewhere. I definitely believe in trusting companions because the house we knocked we gave a away a Book of Mormon! Also on the way home we met someone from Peru and we had a Spanish pamphlet and gave it to her! We have definitely been seeing little miracles everywhere already. 

Yesterday bishop took us to go visit a lady who's husband was a member but recently passed away. She lives very far away so it was fun to get to know bishop and his wife more. He's a lot like you dad, he converted when he was 15 and is a bishop now! We had a really nice time. But when we got home our apartment was 95 degrees.... Yeah it's hot hear and especially with no air conditioning haha.

I'm grateful to be a missionary and especially in Japan. The people here are amazing. The language is crazy hard but it's coming. It's still really hard to understand people but Sister Teruya helped me realize that she's Japanese and I can understand her when she speaks. Thank you for all your love and support!! I love you!

Sister Lacey

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