Monday, November 9, 2015




Hello everyone!

This week was busy busy busy. Last Sunday I was asked to give a talk for yesterday. It was my first talk here in Japan. I've bore my testimony but I never had to give a 10 minute talk in Japanese. I was terrified. And to make me more stressed I only had language study twice this week.  Wednesday we went to Tokyo for MLC and let me tell you. The Shinkansen (bullet train) is amazing. We made it there so fast. I learned so much at the meeting! I had a great time seeing missionaries I haven't seen in forever, oh! And my Mtc companion came back! Her knees healed up and I was able to see her! Anyways, one of my favorite things I learned at MLC was using time wisely. We talked about how we are probably all working really hard but we need to start working in a different way to have more effective results.

I just wanted to share a cool miracle that happened. Last week we went to a place called Yahiko. There was a huge shrine and it was kinda like a flower festival. We went with a less active couple. We had a great time and afterwards they invited us over for dinner. At dinner I asked for any suggestions for my talk and Maeda Kyoudai is so knowledgeable about the scriptures. He pretty much made his own scripture dictionary guide and gave me some good scriptures about charity and forgiveness. Before we left he asked us to pray for them and I also invited them to my talk. I told him how I was pretty nervous and they didn't seem like they would come but I still thought I would ask. (His wife really has no interest in church conversation). Well Sunday arrived and two of our investigators came! And then right before sacrament Maeda Kyoudai came! I was pretty scared to give my talk but when I saw him and said hello my fear kinda turned to courage. My talk went pretty well and I was even able to make some jokes, やった! He left as soon as sacrament ended but it still helped me want to deliver my talk to the best of my ability. This morning I called him and thanked him and he said I did a great job and he was just so kind and him and his wife invited us over again.

I love this gospel so much! Yesterday in relief society we talked about the spirit and how the spirit and testifying are so powerful. I know that if I testify to people they will feel the spirit. If people reject us I can still testify and they can have a change of heart. Sister Yonaha and I talked about how we just really need to show love to people in Sanjo. I know that if we witness of Gods love their hearts will change and they will realize they are coming closer to that happiness I know they are searching for. Everyone wants happiness. Being sad is miserable and if we share the light of the gospel I know people will come into Christ. Thank you all for your prayers! I love you all so much! 愛しています!


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