Monday, June 27, 2016


A little view of heaven!


Hello everyone! I'm glad you're all having a nice summer! This is
going to be the best transfer ever!! I just know it. I love Sister
Parker! She is from Utah and we are just having a great time. Sister
Parker and I are working so well together. Our personalities match
well and we are making dendou so fun and exciting and enjoying every
minute and we are seeing the tender mercies of the Lord everywhere!
(Even housing apartments with thousands of spiders everywhere!)

A few days ago after district meeting, we were leaving the church to
go catch a train to go visit a member who lives an hour away. Well,
right when we turn the corner there was a woman walking her dog and we
decided to stop her. Let's just say we ended up talking for 45
minutes! She lives in Tokyo but was here visiting her mom for a few
days. She is half Japanese and half Italian/American and spoke fluent
English. She heard about our church before and was asking us a lot of
questions and we were able to bear testimony and share experiences
we've had. She really likes history and we talked to her about the
Book of Mormon. She asked us a lot of questions about how we feel gods
love and she shared lots of personal trials she's had but how her mom
and husband have helped her. I simply said sometimes God shows His
love though other people and God has blessed her with a wonderful
family. She just looked at us and said "Ooo I got goosebumps! Look!"
We talked about the spirit and how the spirit testifies of truth. It
was such a wonderful conversation and we received her email and I hope
to contact her soon and try to refer her to missionaries in Tokyo.

A miracle right after that was we didn't miss our train! The eki is a
bout a 15-20minute bike ride from the church and we had 10 minutes
until our train left. We didn't hit one red light! Heavenly Father is
very kind. I know we were supposed to talk to Leila and Heavenly
Father provided a way for us to make our train on time.

That same day we found a new investigator out in Takahagi! Right when
we got to there, we went to the bathroom and a lady was walking out
and she said "hello" to us. We said hi back but she left the bathroom.
We went and saw the member and then dendoued around for a few hours.
Then we were heading back to the eki to go him and the last lady we
talked to was the one in the bathroom! Her name is Sumiko and we
talked for a little bit and she's been to church before and was
interested in hearing our message. But she said her main priority
right now is to find a job. We testified how our message could help
her and she agreed to meet next week! AND we didn't miss our train
again! We barely made it! I know the Lord is truly guiding this work.

The other night we decided to go house some apartments and one was
literally a nesting ground for spiders. We almost didn't house it
because of the fortress of spiders all along the railing and ceilings
but we didn't want to be weak and fearful. We survived and met one
family but they didn't have too much interest but it was definitely a
good seed planted! The next apartment we went to we met a Chinese man
who asked us a lot of questions. We talked for awhile about our
beliefs and he doesn't have a religion right now but he likes learning
about religion. He said if he has interest he would come by the
church. We might go drop off a Chinese Book of Mormon for him sometime
this week so he has materials in his native language.

As a mission we have started doing a Book of Mormon project and I am
learning so much about the character of Christ. It has been really
neat to find attributes of Christ in the Book of Mormon and see how I
can apply them in my life. I love you all so much! Have a great and
safe week!


Sister Lacey

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