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She got drenched during a typhoon
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Hello everyone! 

So fun news! My Facebook is almost up and running! It's a slow process making it fit for the guidelines but I'm almost done! I'm not allowed to message people I knew before the mission but you all can still see what I'm doing! 

So this week we saw a lot of miracles! Monday night we decided to go housing which is probably our least favorite thing because we haven't had any luck at all but we found kinjin! (Golden people) We met this cool Chinese guy and referred him to the elders and then we met this lady who is way cool and said we could come back whenever! We are so excited to see her again. A little funny story, so the last floor we were housing there were these two guys just chilling in the door way and one of them came out and started talking to us. We were a little scared at first because he is way bigger than normal Japanese men and he looked pretty old and turns out he's only 20. We weren't sure if he was actually interested in our message or he just liked sister Sticht. Well, we referred him to the elders and they went to visit him and they said he's seems really interested and he took a Book of Mormon! So cool! 

The next day we went on a district blitz where we all went to an area and housed or street contacted or passed out eikaiwa fliers. Sister Sticht and I decided to do some street contacting. Apparently there was a typhoon coming too. We didn't get any warning text so we just kept going in the wind. The whole time we were walking and talking with people no one seemed interested. People usually talk to us but once they find out who we are they get all scared and run away. We weren't discouraged though and just had a fun time. Then, the very last person we talked to was awesome! She is 18 and has lived in New York for 3 years. She said she always wondered about religion but was too afraid to talk to friends about it. We have an appointment with her on Tuesday! At eikaiwa we met another 18 year old Yuna who went to eikaiwa around the Sapporo area but was always afraid to go to church. She's going to be out of town for the next few days but I can't wait to see her again! We just clicked! She has been pretty home sick and she's been in Urawa for 2 months just like me! I love her already! She also speaks pretty good English so that helps a little too! Also, our Chinese friend Sen who I mention awhile back is basically my Japanese tutor. Whenever he sees me he teaches me two new grammar patterns and then he quizzes me on them. It's so helpful! 

A couple weeks ago we met a Filipino lady named Jean while passing out eikaiwa fliers. She met with us this week and she has so much interest in religion! Everything we said she was like, "Really?! Tell me more!" That was seriously music to my ears because I don't think I've had such a positive reaction so far! We are having dinner this week with her to talk more and I can't wait! We also had zone meeting this week and I was asked to give a short training on staying focused on our missionary purpose. Elder Nabrostzky said he chose me because I'm always so focused and trying so hard... I think that's a lie but I did it anyways! It was fun and people said I did a good job so hopefully I helped someone! We had dinner at the Hashimoto family Sunday night with Angel and we had a great time! Oh, and I ate squid! It was like a quesadilla looking thing with chunks of squid. It wasn't bad! I am loving Japan so much! My love for the people grows each day. The language is coming slowly but surely but it's coming! I love you all so much! This week I also noticed how amazing it is when the spirit takes over in the lesson. I am so blessed to be able to be a missionary! I love you you all! Have a great week! Aishiteimasu!

Sister Lacey

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