Monday, October 12, 2015


Where do I begin.....? I'm getting transferred to.... SANJO!! It's up
north and one of the colder areas... I will probably be there awhile
and if that's the case I will finally have a white Christmas! But,
here's the crazier news... I'm going to be Sister Training Leader....
And my new companion is another Japanese Sister! I guess her English
isn't very good but that's what I need! I need my Japanese to improve.
And since I'll be over the whole Niigata Zone with Sister Yonaha I
will most likely go to Sado Island a few times! I am beyond excited!
I'm sad to leave Okegawa and all the members but I'm excited for this
new adventure. I heard Sanjo is just a small branch with like 10-20
members so it will be like a family! I will be on again in a few hours
to respond to everyone. I love you all so much! I'm grateful for the
opportunity to have more responsibilities and become a better
missionary. Aishiteimasu!

Love Sister Lacey

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