Monday, October 5, 2015

One week left!

Visiting Tokyo on Preparation Day

Visiting Tokyo on Preparation Day

Visiting Tokyo on Preparation Day

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Real American Pizza!

Hello everyone! 

There is only one week left until I reach my halfway
mark... This is insane how fast it all goes by. It's crazy how Jason
goes into the mtc on my exact halfway mark! I'm glad you all had a
great time at the temple. I wish I could have been there but I'm glad
he had so many people to support him. I got to watch the Saturday 
sessions of conference and this Saturday we will watch the Sunday
sessions. I loved conference so much! I loved all the talks on
families. And I learned so much from each talk!

This week was good and we had zone conference. I really enjoyed the
whole thing and I need to apply it to my mission. I really liked when
President Dorff said to hold the Book of Mormon in our hands for more
power but also for a safety blanket as needed. I feel like I am
definitely lacking in confidence which isn't something new. I've been
told time and time again that I need to work on my confidence. I feel
like towards the beginning of my mission I wasn't confident about
teaching simply or answering peoples questions but now I think the
language is starting to effect my confidence. I know I need to not
worry about it and its just an excuse but one lady that we teach
always makes fun of my Japanese and says how my companion is better
and it just got a little over board this week so I've been letting it
affect me. But I just need to remember the times when members and
others say I have a pretty pronunciation and I sound like I'm
Japanese. And when I was with Sister Teruya a member called us and I
answered and they though it was her so just started rambling on about
something and I couldn't quite catch everything so I asked if I could
give the phone to her and they were shocked haha. Anyways, I'm trying
to focus on the good. Sorry for that little rant!

So this week we received a few new contact info from some more young
people! I have definitely seen how focusing on the younger generation
is more beneficial. Also, wewent and visited a member who really needs
the missionaries right now and she was just asking us about dendo and
she gave us all sorts of advice on how and where we should dendo! She
told us to go to the high schools and find around there and said how
there are hundreds of young people and they are more willing to except
new things! She said we need to "attack!" We told her about the
conference we had and how we were counseled to focus on high school
aged students! I'm so grateful for members who love to help the

Oh! And remember Yuna from Urawa? She turned 19 a few months ago and
said she wanted to meet me. We went out for lunch and had a great
conversation and she wants to meet with the elders in Urawa. She said
she wishes I was still there but I told her the elders could help her
too. She is so awesome and so sweet! I love her!

I've been trying to think of new ways to be more effective at finding.
I've realized one of my weaknesses is finding and I want to turn it
into a strength. I want to have a better attitude about finding so now
I call it "Fantastic Finding." I was thinking about doing a survey. I
had been thinking about it for awhile but wasn't quite sure how to go
about it and then I got a letter in the mail from Morgan and in her
letter she also sent my a survey she has been doing! I was able to get
more ideas and then my companion and I thought of some questions and
then talked to our ward missionary leader about it and he said he
would print it off for us! I'm so grateful for the promptings of the
Spirit that help me think of new ideas and to help me strengthen my

We have been considering people who we might have to drop because they
are not making any commitments. Chat does not keep our commitments so
this week we will meet with her again and hopefully we'll be able to
tell if she is still interested or just likes to talk. Namatame... we
think she just really likes to be dramatic. She keeps coming up with
excuses and this week she is concerned that our church doesn't have a
priest or confession room but we told her about bishops. She still was
concerned and today she is in Korea for work and is going to go see a
priest... We'll see how that goes. She was talking to Sister Bettridge
on the phone about all that and I said I wanted to talk to her and she
said no no no because she would cry if she talked with me because she
feels guilty or something and doesn't want to upset me... 

 I'm really excited for Wakutsu San though. We invited her to be
baptized and she said she doesn't think shes good enough or something
but we told her of the blessings. We taught her the whole restorations
and she was a little confused by prophets but then I did a
tatoebanashi (object lesson) and it clicked for her and she completely
explained to us what prophets were! Today we are teaching her about
the plan of salvation and also we want to set a baptismal date. It's a
lot more fun than I thought asking people to be baptized. I definitely
have just been letting fear get in the way. I just need to remember
Jason's miracle and how everything worked out and I just need to
remember that miracles DO happen.

I love this work and I love being a missionary. I'm so grateful to be
in Japan and to be learning and growing so much. There are hard times
and there are even harder times but they help me appreciate and
cherish the good. I know this is Gods work and He has a perfect and
complete plan. He wants all of His children to return to Him. I know
Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and He knows every one of us
perfectly. I think sometimes we may over look everything and and try
to understand everything better but it is simple. Just like president
uchtdorf said, we need to "simplify." I love you all so much! Thank
you for everything! Aishiteruyo!

Love, Sister Lacey

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