Monday, January 18, 2016


She found Cheerios! But didn't have her basket
on her bike, so she used her coat :-)
At the Tokyo Temple


Hello everyone! Time is flying! I can't believe I have been a
missionary for a year now! Part of me feels like I've been a
missionary my whole life but the other part feels like I just got
started, it's crazy. This week has been amazing. Filled with ups and
some downs but the Lord has a perfect plan!

Can I just mention again how much I love Mito?! It is so amazing! The
only downside is it's a huge area with only four missionaries and a
ton of less actives. The ward is great though and they have so much
faith. Most of the active members live a half hour or farther by car
so they make a good effort to come to church.

Okay, so on to this week! I have a lot to mention so here goes!!

An awesome miracle happened on the way to Zone Meeting. We had a long
trip and had a few good conversations but then we met Sakiko and her
parents. We talked with them for awhile but mainly just Sakiko. She is
21 and had so many questions for us. They were definitely the "kinjin
questions." She asked questions like "can you tell me about Jesus
Christ?" Or "Why do you believe in Jesus Christ." Just amazing
questions like that. Can you imagine our faces? What better questions
can someone ask a missionary who is a servant of the Lord?!? We
answered her questions and testified to her. We were able to easily
give her a Book of Mormon and we got her phone number. She lives in
our area but sadly pretty far but she said if she has time she may
come over to Mito. We texted her the other day and so far no response
but hopefully soon!

I'll break up this email with some funny stories of the week. I was
talking to this lady on the train who actually knows English and knows
about Mormons because she used to live in America and she said Mormons
are very nice haha. We were able to have a decent conversation about
the church but she wasn't too interested but thought what I was doing
is good. But she asked me what my hobbies were (she told me to talk to
her in Japanese so I could practice) and I said "joubutsu." She looked
at me funny and started saying something about Buddha and then I got
confused. Then I realized I said the wrong word. I said "No no I mean
jouba!" It was hilarious. "Jouba" means horseback riding and
"joubutsu" means becoming a Buddha, or going to heaven. It was so
funny and we both started cracking up.

We also saw a huge miracle on Sunday! One of our members girlfriend
came to church! She came to the Christmas party that was here last
month but this was her first time to sacrament. She stayed for all
three hours and seemed to enjoy it all. Afterwards we grabbed a member
and taught a lesson with her. We explained our purpose to her and she
really wants to learn. She really opened up to us too about her life
and shed some tears. She's not completely sure if she believes in God
and everything but she is more than willing to learn. We gave her a
Book of Mormon and also set up an appointment later this week. I'm
really excited for Mayumi and I have a lot of faith that she will come
unto Christ.

I was able to go to the temple twice this week! One for temple Pday
and the other for a convert in Oshima Shimais bean area. It was so
great to be back and feel the peace and comfort in the Lord's holy
house. I few days ago I was just feeling really off for some reason. I
was a little down on myself and just wasn't feeling good. I kept
assuming the worst and that I was a terrible missionary. I know those
were negative things thrown at me by the adversary. After we got home
from the temple I was wondering why I kept feeling bad and hard on
myself when I had just gone through the temple. I really think it was
satan trying to bring me down and ruin my peaceful feelings in the
temple. I said a prayer and then a simple thought came to my mind.
"Sister Lacey, you're just exhausted. Take a breath." I felt so dumb.
I kept being hard on myself for feeling tired and just feeling like I
wasn't trying hard when I finally realized that in like 10 days I've
had to travel to and from places and I did the math and it's over
24hrs of bus and train. Thankfully all the big events are almost over
so I will be able to just work in Mito haha.

Oh, real quick. Speaking of trains. When I was traveling to Mito by
myself the other week my station was the last stop of the train. The
Japanese translated to "this train will terminate at Tsuchiura." It
kinda scared me for a second because I thought it meant like explode
or something. Gotta love the way Japanese translates into english.

After the temple I was talking to a member who was in the session with
us and he asked what area I was in. He told me that in my area there
is like a giant Buddha station thing that you can go to the top. He
told me to go up there and be like Samuel the Lamanite and tell
everyone, "kuiaratame nasai!" (Repent!). It was so funny. And who
knows, maybe I'll take his advice haha.

I just want to end with two quotes I found this week that really
touched me and I'd like to share them with you all.

"When the light finally dawns and it finally comes to you that this
gospel really is true and the work matters and that God is not going
to come down and do it Himself, we realize that we are the only hands
He has got, and that we are the only feet He has got. When somebody
knocks on the doors, it is with our knuckles. When we make contact on
the street, it is our voice on that street corner. When we work with
the less-active, Moroni and Mormon and Alma and Joseph Smith are not
going to come down and go in that door and to that teaching; it is you
and it is me, it is just people who get up every morning and do the
work of the Lord the way those men did it in their era and in their
day and their age, and in their time, but now it is our time. When we
come to know this, then we will get on with the work."
- Jeffery R. Holland

"God will take you as you are at this very moment and begin to work
with you. All you need is a willing heart, a desire to believe, and
trust in the Lord."
- President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
(thanks to Morgan for giving me this quote in her quote book!)

I feel like those quotes really go together. This transfer I can feel
that I have been being way more diligent; as being a missionary and
studying the language. I am really figuring out what it means to truly
serve with all your heart, might mind and strength. At first I was a
little down on myself for not working as hard as I could or should
have sometimes during my mission but the second quote really helped me
realize that the Lord is willing to help me now. If I show Him I'm
ready and committed right now, that is enough. He will help me. He's
waiting to help me and is eager. He's just waiting for me to open my
mouth, to knock on doors, to be the missionary He knows I can be. I
know it is only through the Savior that I am able to help accomplished
His glorious work.

I love you all so much! I love being a missionary especially here in
Japan. My love for the people of Japan have grown so much and I am so
blessed to be here. I hope you all have a safe week! Aishiteimasu!


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