Monday, January 4, 2016

Transfers! Ah!

Having some fun after a long day :-)

On exchanges with Sister Butler

She needed some spice for her food

She missed holding babies so she made one out
of rice when they had to stay in all day for New Years

Saying goodbye to some branch members


Hello everyone! So... I'm being transferred! I felt this one coming
and guess what? I'm getting another Japanese companion!! Sister
Oshima, I've never met her before but she has only one transfer left.
I'm going to an area called Mito that borders the Sendai mission. I'm
really excited but also a little heart broken to leave the members and
friends I've made here in Sanjo. Since I'm getting a little more
comfortable in Japanese I was able to really bond with the members
here and since Niigata is so far away from everyone else who knows
when I'll see them again. But I am so grateful for the friendships and
things I've gained and learned while working here in Niigata - The
Land of Miracles!

Last week was definitely very interesting. For a couple of days we
couldn't leave our apartment during the New Years. For New Years a lot
of people clean their house, go and pray at a shrine and sleep. So New
Year's Eve we cleaned our apartment all day long. We felt so lazy that
we didn't leave but our apartment sparkles haha. I can definitely
testify that the Spirit abides in cleanliness.

The next day was a day of Book of Mormon reading and it was awesome!
We didn't read all day because a member invited us over to watch a
movie called "Ben-Hur." We got permission from the mission president
to go and it was actually a really great 4 hour movie. It was weird to
watch a movie but it was nice to let my body rest. I agree with Morgan
that man the mission makes you a little tired. But I am so determined
to make this last part of my mission the best! Especially because when
I got my transfer call Elder Miller hinted that I'm training next
transfer so I gotta learn as much Japanese as I can!

I've gotten really lucky because it almost seems like winter is over
and spring is here. But I'm leaving and people have told me that Mito
is warmer. But I'm heading there on Wednesday, so you'll hear about it
next week! I'm so excited to be able to go to the temple again though!

Well, that's about it for the week, I love you all so much! Have fun
with Morgan and give her a hug for me! I also just want to testify
that I know the Book of Mormon is true. I was able to finish it the
other day and it is without a doubt the word of God. The spirit has
confirmed with me time and again that through the teachings of the
Book of Mormon we can receive eternal joy and happiness. Have a great
week! 愛しています!


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