Monday, February 8, 2016

Disaster Week

Garden in Kairakuen

They had to switch back to their MTC nametags


MTC Nametag

Activity at church

Hello everyone!

This week was definitely something else! Lots of interesting, physical
trials happened. Also, kinda funny but scary story. Yesterday, during
the sacrament prayer, there was an earthquake! I just hoped I'd be
able to take the sacrament before anything collapsed but it wasn't
very big so we're fine haha. Let's just say the brother had to say the
prayer twice because I think he was a little caught off guard haha.

To start off the week we had exchanges with the Matsudo sisters. It
was awesome and a great learning experience. The downside was that
morning a cold all of the sudden hit me so that wasn't fun but Sister
Bettridge was patient with me. It was fun to dendo with her again
because I loved being her companion back in Okegawa. We went to a less
actives house and it turned out really well. She loves the
missionaries but for some reason doesn't come to church. But, we found
out why! She said she is really nervous to go back to church but she
wants to and said she would try to come today so I hope she did. We
also focused on inspired questions and we found out a lot about her
husband and he might have tons of interest in learning. Well, he's
actually learned some before from missionaries but he might want to
learn again! She was very interested in me too. She kept asking me
questions and told me to come back. Either she just liked me or she
could tell I was dying from the sickness I just caught and felt sorry
for me haha.

We actually weren't able to meet with Vy or Mayumi last week. Vy has
been hard to contact and Mayumi never showed up to our appointment on
Wednesday. We finally got a hold of her Saturday and she said she was
coming to church. She came! We didschedule and appointment for this 
week so hopefully we can figure out
where she is. We will have to push back her baptism just so we
can finish the lessons and make sure she understands the importance of
the covenants she will make.

So.. Just like Morgan months ago, the other Sister Lacey had a great
fall. It finally happened. I survived 11 months without a bike crash
and boom. It happened on Saturday. It wasn't even crazy or a cool
story. We were on a busy road and so I decided to get on the sidewalk
but I didn't turn my wheel enough and my tire got caught on the lip
and I flipped going head first into the concrete. Miraculously I have
no damage to my face. My helmet protected me and it was cold that day
and so I wore a big scarf. My scarf protected my chin from the concert
so it's like i landed on a pillow haha.  Sister Oshima came to my rescue. I was so
embarrassed because it was a busy road and I stick out like a sore
thumb so yeah. Everyone had a great story to tell their families that
night lol. I'm still pretty sore and sister Nagano had me rest after
church on Sunday which I was upset about because it way my first time
taking a day off of dendo and I felt so lazy but it was Sister Naganos
orders haha. I went to the doctor today and he said I'll survive. 
Anyways, I'll be sure to be careful from now on!

But this experience really helped me realize that I am being
protected. I remembered a scripture in D&C which says:

"I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your
left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round
about you, to bear you up."

I really believe I was protected and I know my Father in Heaven was
looking out for me. I love you all so much! Thank you for your
prayers! I miss you all. Aishiteimasu!

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