Monday, February 1, 2016


Karate Class
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She got her "Middle Sis" bracelet!

Mito Tower

This week went by so fast I can't even remember what happened! 

Sorry if my email is all over the place.

Saito San, (the woman we are doing family eikaiwa with where we teach
her English for thirty minutes and then 30 minutes of the gospel. She
has a 1 year old little boy who is so cute) anyways she is very
confusing. We both think she just wants it for the English. She's very
excited during the English portion and when we go into the gospel she
kinda turns into a robot and asks all the right questions and says all
the right answers but Oshima Shimai and I could both that something
was off and her heart definitely isn't in this. We are going to meet
with her today to try and reset expectations and tell her our purpose.

On an upper note, Mayumi San is doing good! We met with her three
times last week and she came to church! I still kinda think she's just
doing this for the member she has a crush on (I'm honestly not sure if
they're dating or not) but I can also tell her faith is growing. Her
only concern right now is tea but she said she's willing to try and
stop drinking it. She is still loving to learn and has a good time
every time we have a lesson.

Also, amazing miracle! #mitomiracles Last week we were making some
areabook calls and called Ebisawa San, who is an Eikaiwa student who
hasn't been in a long time. She answered and said she'll come to
Eikaiwa again and we also invited her to church. She came! It was so
cool! She really had no idea what church was like but I sat with her
and explained things to her. She has no Christian background so she
was still really confused but also interested. Our lesson in gospel
principles was about the spirit world and that added to confusion
because she's never thought about afterlife. But I told her what we do
as missionaries and said we could explain more about the plan of
salvation sometime this week. She agreed and we have an appointment
before eikaiwa! She has a tone of interest in english though and wants
to come visit me in America already haha. She's funny but I hope
she'll continue to be willing and open to hear about the gospel.

We went housing last night and we didn't get any new investigators or
potentials but I just had a great time! I love being a missionary but
it's also sad. I've been praying to see people the way Christ does and
it just helps me love everyone so much more. It makes me so sad when
people reject the gospel, not because it hurts me personally, it's
because I know how much happier they'd be if they accepted the gospel
of Jesus Christ. I'm trying to learn the language of the Spirit so I
know how to best testify to people when they reject our glad message.
I haven't quite received my answer yet but I believe that if I
continue to show the Lord I'm trying my best, the words will come.
I've been thinking a lot about the worldwide missionary broadcast that
we had the other week. It really hit me when someone said a lot of
times we think the Spirit is our best tool to use but we need to
remember that we are just the instruments here. The Spirit is the
teacher. The Spirit converts the people. The Spirit touches and
changes their hearts. I need to make sure I let the Spirit work
through me. I'm grateful for prophets and apostles who give us such
great council and advice. Thank you for your continued love and
support! All of your prayers are so appreciated and help give me
strength! 愛しています!


Love, Sister Lacey

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