Monday, March 21, 2016


Hello everyone!

Thank you for all the awesome emails! I have officially passed my one
year mark in Japan and it's crazy that now I can say "a year ago
I...." So weird. Anyways, last week was really good! We had a great
time at the temple and I felt the spirit so strongly. I love going to
the temple and receive such strong heavenly guidance. After the temple
I took Sister Solomon around Tokyo and we had a great time! I have a
bunch of photos for you all so stay tuned!

We had a really great lesson with Saito San! We finally really felt
the spirit in the lesson and connected with her a lot. In the morning
during study we both had no idea what to teach her. We wanted to show
her a Mormon message but we couldn't decide which one. We just prayed
really hard that it would all work out and right as we began the
lesson the video popped in my head so we showed it to her and she
connected with it a lot! She was finally able to see how the gospel
can bless her in everyday life. We bonded with her a lot and said how
we care and love her and want to help her. She also opened up to us
and said how she feels so much peace when we visit her and she just
feels stress free. It was really great moment and tears were shed. I
really think she'll begin to progress more now!

Not too much exciting things happened this week but it was still great
and we say little miracles everyday! Bishop has asked me to give a
talk next week on Easter and I'm actually really excited and I was sad
when he said only 5 minutes. That's not long enough to give a talk!?
Haha we'll see if I decide to go over or not.

I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your amazing examples! Stay safe!

Love Sister Lacey

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