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Hello everyone! Thank you for all of the wonderful emails! This week
we have been working with a lot of members! It has definitely
strengthened my testimony of how gaining a good relationship with the
ward can bring forth so much miracles. The following are all of the
experiences we had last week with the members. I seriously want to
video everyone's conversion stories and make a movie of it. *shout out
to Clay - Here's a movie idea*

On Tuesday, we visited Kawamata Shimai and had lunch with her and then
shared a spiritual thought. Afterwards, we challenged her to give out
a couple of pass a long cards to her friends. Then she all of the
sudden said she wanted to introduce us to her friend Hatakeyama San so
we went! She was so surprised to see us because we are gaijin but she
was so nice! (I'm not so sure if she'll become an investigator though
because she is 85 years old and well.. You never know!) We told her a
little bit about what we do as missionaries and she seemed to have
some interest. She said she likes reading and studying and said we
could come back anytime!

Wednesday, we visited the Morita fūfu and we had a great time. They're
an older couple and kind of quite but it was nice getting to know
them. The have a few kids and the mentioned that one of them is less
active. We shared a message about Joseph Smiths first vision and they
bore their testimony as well. We challenged them to bear their
testimony to a family member or friend, whether it be a letter or a
phone call or anything, just a simple testimony. Afterwards, Morita
Shimai said how during that lesson she felt prompted to write a note
to her less active daughter.

The next day, we traveled out to a far away member, Ōno Shimai. We had
a great time bonding with her but then yesterday at a relief society
activity I talked with her more and she told me her full conversion
story. It is amazing and her and I were both crying in the corner just
out of feeling the spirit so strongly. Her testimony is so strong and
I have been learning so much from the members.

We taught Kodomo Eikaiwa and had a fun time and afterwards we talked
with Nozaki Shimai (the Bishops wife) and set up an appointment to
visit her next week and teach a fun lesson to her kids and she is
really excited!

One of my favorite member miracles was with the Tsuru fūfu. We planned
s mogi with her at the church but she decided to also bring her
husband. We were busy that day and didn't have a whole lot of time to
prepare so we were a little worried but I kept feeling like we should
talk about prayer, but specifically family prayer. We finally both
agreed and taught it. We decided to not really do a mogi but more like
teach them as they are to help build their testimony. The lesson was
going really well but when we brought up family prayer they got s
little uncomfortable. I knew it was because they have some less active
children. I was hesitant to testify of the power of family prayer
because I didn't want to feel like I was offending them but I followed
the spirit and did it anyways. My companion shared her testimony as
well and we committed them to do family prayer. Afterwards, Tsuru
kyoudai said how that was the best lesson he's ever been in because we
followed the spirit. He said how that was exactly what they needed to
hear and how he wants to find people for us to teach! (Sorry im not
trying to be prideful by writing this, it was just a great

So, members are amazing and I love getting to know them better and for
them to gain our trust. But, on the down side, we have like no
investigators... Two of our top three aren't texting us back and
Nakamura San just doesn't have interest.. She just wants us to tutor
her daughter.. But we have faith that we will find, or people will
find us, soon who are prepared and willing to hear the gospel message.

I love you all so much! Thank you for all your love and support! 愛しています!


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