Monday, May 2, 2016


Japanese BBQ

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Since I don't have much of a general email today here's a story that happened.
This week was pretty busy. We worked with a lot of members again and
were able to get a good amount of referrals!  On Wednesday, Umino
Shimai took us to go visit less active's and we saw some cool
miracles. We visited Takahagi Shimai and she talked about she feels
her faith and testimony is weak. We asked inspired questions and were
able to get her to bear her testimony to us and we told her it is not
weak at all. She is just having some doubts and she needs to trust in
the faith she does have. We planned to study the Book of Mormon with
her regularly and I'm really excited! Then we visited Matsumura Shimai
who lives in kinda like a retirement home. Her husband passed away a
few years ago and I don't think they had any children so she's pretty
lonely. She still has a strong testimony and watched all of conference
but I think it's just too difficult for her to get all the way to
church by herself. We found out that her birthday was in a few days so
after church in Sunday we went to visit her again. She was surprised
to see us and we sang happy birthday to her and gave her a few gifts.
I don't think she wanted us to leave because she kept talking and
bringing up new conversations. Then she also brought out an iPad she
had recently been given and asked for me to help her fix it and let me
tell you, I thought I was getting pretty good at Japanese but not when
it comes to talking about technology. I realized I have a lot more to
learn! But we had a great time and we want to visit her more regularly

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