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Hello everyone! Thank you for the emails!

This week has been busy but good! It finally hit me that I have two
weeks left in Mito (I'll be in Tokyo my last week) and I realized I
should probably start packing and organizing my things so I can send
off my luggage to the airport haha. (We send our luggage to the
airport in advance and it waits there until our flight).

Now for a funny story. I hit my exact 18 month mark last week and it's
pretty crazy. I'm excited for these last couple weeks though, they're
busy but busy is good! A member took us out to eat that night and
guess what it was.... It was a very very fancy Japanese restaurant
with a TON of RAW seafood. She had ordered the food in advance and
when they set the food in front of me I almost had a heart attack. I
have survived 18 months without eating a plateful of raw seafood and
on my 18 month mark my nightmare came true. I prayed so so hard I
wouldn't gag. And guess what... It actually wasn't that bad... The
fact that it was several different kinds of raw fish, octopus, shrimp,
and who knows what else, made me feel sick but the actual taste and
everything wasn't bad. I did it! I survived! I have a picture of it.
Now I really think I can eat anything haha.

We had exchanges this week and I learned a lot from Sister Wootan. She
gave me some good advice for areabook. We have A LOT of member records
and I don't know who more than half the names are. None of them are
marked as less active's either. She said since I've been in Mito for
so long I'm in the perfect position to know who's active and who's
not. She's so right! So I've been going through that and finding
people to try and work with and I'm hoping the members will help out!
It's so crazy because seriously if all the less active's were active
again, this would be Mito stake, not Mito ward. I really hope I can
help strengthen Mito my last couple of weeks here.

To end I'd like to share a two special experiences I had about prayer.
We were waiting for a member at a train station but she was running
late so we went into a shop to get something for Kodomo Eikaiwa while
we waited. Well in one isle an American lady walked by and I just saw
her out of the corner of my eye. I didn't say anything and then when
she left I felt really guilty for that. I went to go see her but she
disappeared. I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father that if I was
supposed to talk to her, I would see her again. Well, we walked down
stairs a little later and I saw her! (This was a big mall). I knew I
couldn't leave without saying anything because this was an answer to
my prayer. I walked over to her and we had a nice conversation. She
recognized that we were missionaries and we chatted for a bit. I'm
really glad we talked to her so she would have a good impression of
missionaries. (By the way, it's way hard talking to people in English
and explaining what I do haha I don't know how to do it!)

The second experience I was on a train. We had a really long train
ride and across from me I saw this very beautiful Japanese woman. She
didn't have any fancy clothes on and she had no makeup on. Her hair
was in a bit of a messy bun but she was seriously one of the most
beautiful people I've ever seen. She just had a constant soft smile on
her face even when she was sleeping. I decided to say a prayer again.
I prayed and asked if I should talk to her we'd get off at the same
station. I would have went over and talked to her but she was sleeping
and I've had experiences when people get mad if you try to talk to
them when they try to sleep haha. Anyways, about a half an hour later,
we get off at the same station!! I knew I couldn't avoid talking to
her or else Heavenly Father might not answer my next prayers. I went
up to her and we chatted a bit and said who we were and I said how
beautiful she was and she seemed so happy and surprised I said that
haha. It was a really short conversation because she had to catch a
train but I know prayer works and I hope I helped her feel Gods love.

I know this gospel is true and Jesus Christ is our Savior.  I love you
all so much! I hope you have a great and safe week! Aishiteimasu!

Love, Sister Lacey

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