Monday, July 25, 2016

Natsu Matsuri!

Ohayo gozaimasu!

Thank you all for the emails! I can't believe I'll see you in a few
weeks.. Crazy.

I had interviews with President and Sister Nagano this week. They are
so amazing! It blows my mind how in tune with the spirit they are and
how they know exactly what I need to hear. This was my second to last
interview with them and the "after mission life" talk has begun. It
was definitely weird talking about that stuff but I received so much
guidance and revelation for my life. President told me just to focus
on the temple when I get home and he told me not to date! (If you'd
like more to that story feel free to ask me haha).

Anyways, we were not able to meet with Sumiko San this past week
because she has been busy but we called her several times and taught
her over the phone. She has been reading and praying! She is so
diligent and willing to learn. We have an appointment with her this
coming week!

We were able to Skype our Chinese investigator Elsa! We got to know
her religious background. She came to church yesterday and we
introduced the Book of Mormon more thoroughly. She goes back to China
soon for a business trip but will coming back to japan again.

A couple of members invited us to their neighborhood matsuri and it
was so fun! The festival was so fun! One of the members brought us to
her house and put yukatas on us. (They are summer kimonos) I felt a
little awkward at first because no adults were wearing yukatas, only
children. And we already stick out because we're not Japanese but then
when we wear yukatas too haha. But it was really fun and it got a lot
of people to talk to us! We met a lot of new people and finally met
Nakamura sans husband! He is way awesome and cool! He said he's heard
a lot about us and was very friendly to us. I'm going to invite
Nakamura san to my last Sunday to hear me speak and I'm hoping she'll
feel the spirit strongly in sacrament and want to learn more!

After church we went on splits with two members in the ward. Sasaki
Shimai is so awesome and after we did some housing and got rejected a
lot she said how she wants to invite more firmed so to hear our
message so we don't have to do this all day haha.

It's sad that this is my last week in Mito. The goodbyes have started
and it's a lot harder to say goodbye to people than I thought but I'm
glad I made these strong relationships and found eternal friends. I've
been blessed enough to be hear for 7 months. It's funny sometimes when
because I've been here so long people recognize me but I know we need
to stop and talk to everyone and sometimes it's people I've already
stopped several times. But I'm like oh well, they still need the
gospel! When they say "you've already talked to me" I should start
saying "I know, now this is your second chance!" Haha I just love it
so much and I'm focusing on showing everyone love even if they reject
the message.

Thank you for everything you've all done for me! I love you all so
much! Have a great and safe week!

Love, Sister Lacey

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