Monday, August 17, 2015

7 months already?

She said she was forgetting how to teach English

Yummy Japanese food

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With Sister Nakanishi

7 months already?

Hey everyone! Sorry o forgot to remind you my PDay is a day late this week. Just a clarification, every 5th week of the transfer we have temple pday. We have a normal day work day on Monday and since the temple is closed Monday, we go to the temple Tuesday and have our PDay then. So I went today and it was awesome! I love the temple so much! I definitely receive so much knowledge and spiritual strength whenever I go.

Last week was awesome!  Sunday night we decided to go housing and streeting and we weren't having any luck. Before we left I just had the simple thought to bring an English Book of Mormon. So we went housing and again no one was interested but as we were riding home we past by a lady who didn't look Japanese. We decided to go talk to her so we did and she is from the Philippines. The next day she was going to go back on vacation. She asked for our contact information so I wrote it down in the Book of Mormon. She seemed excited to have it and I'm so grateful I followed the prompting to bring an English Book of Mormon.

So as a zone we are doing Power Dendou (power missionary work) where we try to work with the members everyday. We made a list and sisters in the ward signed up for a day. They pray in the morning for the missionaries and at night we share the miracles we see throughout the day and we also share a scripture. Well, one day we had Kirigaya Shimai and the first person we talked to on the train was her friend! Kirigaya shimai told us that her friend emailed her and wants to meet up with her! It was a really cool miracle and hopefully she will want to start coming to church activities.

Friday was zone meeting and it was amazing! I felt the spirit so strong and I know the zone leaders were inspired. It helped me so much. After zone meeting I sat next to a lady on the train and we started talking and then she eventually asked me how I study Japanese because she said I was "jōzu" which is like skillful and then an idea
popped in my head. I pulled out the Book of Mormon and said "Kono hon wo yomimasu." (I read this book). She seemed fascinated and long story short she took the Book of Mormon. It was an awesome miracle. It is now my new goal to give away a Book of Mormon to someone after every zone meeting because last transfer that's what I did.

Also, that same day on the way home, I talked with another lady. It wasn't as "successful" I guess you could say but I came out of that conversation so happy and proud. I was talking with a lady and I was asking if she believed in God and she kept saying no no no and then it was kinda quiet and I was going to change the subject because I could tell she wasn't interested but then I had a little conversation in my head. I don't know if I heard these words or just thought them to myself but I'll phrase it like this, "Sister Lacey, why are you in Japan..?" I waited a few seconds and after feeling guilty I turned to the lady again and said, "watashi wa Kamisama wo shinjiteimasu. Kamisama wa watashitachi no Ten no Otōsama desu. Soshite, kamisama wa minasan wo ai suru da to shitte imasu." (I believe in God. He is our Father in Heaven and I know that He loves everyone." She just looked at me for a few seconds and then completely changed the subject. I don't think I've ever felt so good after talking with someone. Again, she wasn't interested, didn't ask any questions, but I knew I did what I was supposed to. I know I am here as a witness of God's love.

I love you all so much! I can't believe that in a few short months I will be halfway done... It's insane how fast this all goes by. As I have been serving I have definitely realized how missions help you for the rest of you life. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity.


Love Sister Lacey

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