Monday, August 24, 2015


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Zone P-Day

Hello everyone! 

This week I received major keiji! (Revelation). First off I'll start by saying that we had three investigators come to church yesterday! It was a huge miracle! Namatame San came for the second time and stayed the whole time and had a great time. Olga alsocame and she loves the ward and we are very excited for her progress. Also, earlier in the week we met with Kaneko San. She has been meeting with the missionaries for about 10 years.. She is a funny, a little forgetful, sweet old lady who likes to hit all the time. I can't even tell you how many times she has hit my arm or my hand for no apparent reason. It's hilarious. Anyways we had a good lesson with her and asked her to meet us at the train station on Sunday and we would go to church with her. Well, she came! She only stayed for sacrament but she said her view of church is different now, she said she has been to other churches and didn't like the feeling there and she loved going to sacrament. She also became instant friends with some of the elderly ladies in the ward. One sister, Sister Nakanishi testified to her about Jesus Christ and also said "if I can come to church every week and I'm 93, you can come every week too." It was awesome!

Okay, so now for the revelation I received. At the temple last week as I was in the celestial room, I met a new sister who is in her first transfer. I was getting to know her a little more and I asked her how
she was doing. All of the sudden I saw a very familiar look in her eyes. The "what have I got myself into" look. I felt the exact same in my first transfer. She looked at me and said, "does it get better...?" I gave her some advice and I hope I helped a little but I really feel like her and I will be companions soon...

Also, a member from a different ward came to Eikaiwa to do a survey for the foreign missionaries. It was a personality test and my results were that I am gentle and don't like to argue or fight or blame people. I'm not sure how accurate it is but the brother who gave it to me said "computers never lie, and I created the program so it is
true." Haha he is so funny and he asked me what I wanted to study in college. I told him how I've always wanted to study technology and then he got very excited. He is a professor at a college here and he majored in technology. Long story short I'm almost 99% convinced to come back to Japan and study... He said all the big companies in Japan require you to know english so he said once I have Japanese down I will be very successful. He wants me to go to his college. So... We shall see! I have never been so excited about schooling.... He told me to focus on my mission right now and gave me lots of good advice. He said the most important thing is for me to always pray for Heavenly Father to grant His spirit to be with me. It was very good advice because sometimes I just rely on myself and just expect the spirit to be with me but if I don't constantly ask for the guidance of the spirit than I might not be as in tune with the spirits promptings.

We also had lunch at a members house and then she took us to all of her gardens. We had "Adventures with Niina" and had a great time! She gave us all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

I love you all so much! I love being a missionary and I love Japan. I'm so blessed to be here and to be learning so much! Oh, also, I sat by this one lady in relief society yesterday who I haven't met yet. We started talking and she just seemed kind of sad. She then told me everything. She said how she hasn't been to church in a year because
she has been taking care of her sick mother. Well, her mother passed away last month so she has been coming again. She told me how she is having a hard time and then she was just quiet. I started comforting her and I asked her if we could come visit her this week and she was more than happy to say yes. It is just interesting to see how so many people open up to me when they just meet me. I think it's the "missionary power" but sister Teruya says it's my personality lol. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything! I miss you!

Love, Sister Lacey

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