Monday, August 31, 2015

Transfer Calls!


Soooooo..... I'm staying in Okegawa and Sister Bettridge will be my new companion. She has been on Sado Island for awhile and now she's coming here. She transfer 7 and I'm transfer 5 so it should be fun! I'm really excited! Sister Teruya is going to Nakano where the mission home is and so she will probably finish her mission there (she has two transfers left). This will be my first time being area senpai! 

This week I experienced a major changing point in my mission. I think I am truly starting to recognize my purpose as a missionary. I knew in my mind what my purpose was but now I think it is starting to sink deep down into my heart. At district meeting the elders challenged us to read a talk given to new mission presidents in 2014. It was from President Uchtdorf called "Fear Not, I Am with Thee." I felt the spirit so strong when I read it. It made me realize that I am truly a disciple of Jesus Christ. I should not fear anyone. The Lord has promised to be with me always. If I avoid the prompting to talk to someone because I'm afraid then I am showing God that I am not willing to try and that I'm more afraid of man and that could be turning into becoming ashamed of the gospel. I read Romans 1:16 and it really helped give me confidence. 

Also, so last Sunday when I talked to the lady in the ward who I hadn't seen before, I asked if we could come visit her. She was more than happy to say yes. So we made the appointment for Saturday. It was the most spiritual experience I've probably had in a lesson so far. We were on exchanges and Sister Reyes was able to experience it with me. We went over there and the member and her husband told us all about their recent trials and how she wasn't able come to church for a year because she was taking care of her sick mother. She said during all that time missionaries never came to visit her. She felt so lonely and she needed so much comfort. I know I wasn't there for that troublesome year and neither was Sister Reyes but we felt so sad and like it was our responsibility. We shared the video "None were with Him" and talked about how the Savior is always there for us. The spirit was so strong and tears filled the room. She was so grateful that we visited her. I am so blessed to be able to experience that moment. Heavenly Father does truly guide us. He lead me to sit next to her in relief society and to talk with her. That lead to me asking if we could come visit and then that lead to a very humbling experience and a truly great friendship. I learned that members truly do need missionaries as well as investigators. 

I'm so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary here in Japan. I love the people so much and I just wish they would all be willing to except the restored gospel. But, I know of I follow the spirit, I will be lead to those who are prepared. I love you all so much! I miss you! Thank you for everything! Aishiteruyo!

Love, Sister Lacey

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