Monday, May 30, 2016

"Perfection Comes Not in this Life, But in the Next"

Garden by the Temple 


Hello everyone! Thank you for the emails and pictures! I'm g,ad you
are having a great summer vacation! This week was really good! Our
lesson with our member referral didn't quite go as planned but
hopefully she'll come around again soon! We were able to go to the
temple on Tuesday and it was amazing as usual. It definitely refills
me spiritual and gives me an extra boost. I also had my last zone
conference. I had a lot of mixed emotions. Zone conference was perfect
and it was everything that I needed to hear. Leading up to conference
j was really nervous and had mixed emotions about me going home soon
and it just felt so weird giving my final testimony but right after I
bore my testimony I felt overwhelming peace and comfort. I know my
time to go home will come and I will be heartbroken to leave Japan but
I know ending my mission isn't ending everything. I can still learn
and progress after, I just need to work as hard as I can right now and
serve others and not think about myself and I will feel that same
peace and comfort when the end comes.

I just wanted to share something I learned the other day. I was
watching the Mormon Message "Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them" by
President Russell M. Nelson. He talks about how if we have faith we
can handle difficult times because we have an eternal perspective and
know all will be well.

He says, "People are afraid. Men's hearts are failing them and that
includes women. Because they forget their identity and their purpose."
I find it so sad when I talk to people on the street and ask them what
they think the purpose of life is and many times they never have
thought about it or they don't even care. I have trying a lot more to
have Christlike love for everyone I speak with and that comes with
blessings and also trials. The blessing is that I have pure love for
people and want to help them, the trial is I get heartbroken when
people reject their Savior and I just wish they would open their

President Nelson also says that heartaches will come but we need to be
patient with ourselves [and others]. Perfection comes not in this
life, but in the next." We need to not want or demand things that are
out of reach but we need to strive for improvement. I testify to what
President Nelson says is true and if we let the Lord help us, He will
make up the difference because He is full of love and mercy.

This morning I was reading in Mormon and it goes along with the Mormon
message. Moroni is crying out to our generation for us to trust in the
Lord and not fall away. He saw his people die and become extinct and
he testifies and pleads and asks "Why are ye ashamed to take upon you
the name of Christ? Why do ye not think that greater is the value of
an endless happiness than that misery which never dies--because of the
praise of the world?"

I pray that we are all never ashamed to take upon the name of Christ
and we don't let our hearts fail us because of the troubles of the
world. I know that if we keep an eternal perspective in mind then we
will accept our Saviors mercy and we can allow Him to strengthen us.
We need to be aware and accept the fact that we and others are not
perfect, but we are striving to be. We all need our Savior and

I love you all very much! Thank you for your examples and continues
love and support. Have a great and safe week! Aishiteimasu!


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