Monday, May 9, 2016

Training again!!!

Mother's Day Skype

Conference with Elder Yamashita 

Ohayo Gozaimasu Everyone!

It was so amazing to skype you all yesterday! I love and miss you all
so much. Happy Mother's Day! Okay, I'm sure you're all wondering
what's happening with transfers... So.. I'm staying in Mito. Annnddd
I'm training again!!! President Nagano said I'll probably finish my
mission here. I'm really excited but also nervous. Sometimes I like
transfers because it kinda gives you another boost if you start to get
too comfortable in an area. If I do stay here until the end I'll have
been here in Mito for 7 months! But I know this is meant to be. I have
felt like I'm not finished here yet, and after the Elder Yamashita
conference, I've set new goals and I'm excited for what's to come!
Part of me is confused why I was asked to train again because there
are a lot of missionaries who may have seen more "success" but I know
I will see many new miracles with my new bean chan. I don't know who
she is yet but I will find out on Wednesday! There's also a good
chance I'll train a Japanese Sister! I'm so excited! Sister Solomon is
going to the city. She's headed to SHIBUYA! It was seriously my dream
to serve there but I know I'm needed here. She's actually going to be
with one of my previous companions, Sister Parker!

Last week was seriously so amazing but busy. On Thursday, we had the
Elder Yamashita conference, Friday we taught Kodomo eikaiwa and
visited with members, Saturday we visited some less active's and also
had a lesson with some members but during all this Sister Solomon was
preparing a talk for sacrament and I was preparing the relief society
lesson because we were asked to teach it. We just have been super busy
but I love being busy!

I learned so much at the conference and it was seriously exactly what
I needed to give me a push to the end. I was almost in tears the whole
time just by feeling the Spirit so strongly. One of the main things I
learned is I need to show more love to the people of Japan. Sometimes
I think I was holding back because it's so hard when the people I love
and serve reject our message but I realized I need to not let myself
get in the way because if I show love and talk to people from my
heart, they will be open to hearing our message. Another thing I
really learned, well, more like was reminded of, was that I need to
stop thinking about myself and I have no time to be discouraged. I
learned that the people in Japan are very special and they are waiting
and need to hear the gospel. I know I need to try harder in everything
I do as a missionary to find my eternal friends. All of my questions I
had wanted to ask were answered in the conference. I learned a lot
about following the Spirit and how to do so but I especially learned
that I can use and feel the power of the Atonement at anytime and I
need to teach others about it. Definitely one of the best conferences
ever. I committed to not get discouraged but to be happy, keep
smiling, trust in the Lord, and OPEN MY MOUTH. I also want to show all
the love I can for Nihonjin and love them with the depths of my soul.

We saw some pretty amazing miracles right after the conference. It was
a late when we got home but we still stopped some people on the
street. We stopped one girl named Yua and she said she had interest
and she willingly gave us her number! She hasn't texted us back but we
still have hope. Then, the next day we were making sure we talk to
everyone and we met Aoki. She is a Christian and she said she'd be
willing to meet with us! She said she has been to a different
Christian church but she doesn't like paying all the time but we told
her ours is free! We set up an appointment for today and she said
she'd come! She said she'd call us if she couldn't make it and so far
no call so yay!!

Also, recently, Nakamura San has had a close friend suddenly pass away
from cancer so that was pretty hard for her but she told us she has
interest in learning about life after death! I'm glad she's starting
to show interest now!

I love my mission so much. Japan is an amazing place and I love the
people here. I know I have a lot of work to do here in Mito and it
will be challenging at times but I will enjoy every moment of it. I
love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support!

Sister Lacey

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